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My name is Jay-Antony Hastings. I was born in London, United Kingdom back on 15/06/1981.

My aim from an early age was to become financially successful and started out in the corporate world working for a leading insurance and banking organisation of which I later moved into housing management.

I understood that even though I had the opportunity to work my way up the corporate ladder I would never be free to live a flexible financially free lifestyle, I embarked on different methods in order to achieve the financial success I desired

Property investment was my first venture to embark on and after buying several properties with hardly any cash just pure will and determination the 2008 world recession kicked in. I felt I had done ok so kept what I had whilst looking at other ventures

I tried a number of different things from trading stock markets to a whole host of network marketing companies. I struggled to make these things really work in a huge way. I stumbled across internet marketing and with a little help from mentor Simon Coulson was able to start creating the financial freedom I desired achieving a 6-figure income within my first year and saying goodbye to the day job forever.

Fast forward several years and after doing countless things online from affiliate marketing, local business marketing, digital online courses to name a few I also teamed up with the UK’s largest internet marketing training company to help provide training and mentoring for small business owners and people who would like an alternative lifestyle to the usual 9 to 5 regime

This has also lead to lots of speaking opportunities of which I now get to speak across the UK and internationally about the world of internet marketing, financial freedom as well as mindset which is my personal passion.

I have a passion for helping people change direction and live the lifestyle they deserve (just like I did), I provide coaching, workshops and online training to help you achieve your financial goals. Have a look around my website and feel free to contact me if you feel there is anything I can help you with.
Jay Hastings

Marketing Training

By working directly with me you’ll learn that everything you can do offline you can do online however the online world opens up your reach, demographic and can allow you to deliver your business to a consumer on the other side of the world within an instant.

Internet marketing must now play a large part of your business plan to obtain more and more customers.

Internet marketing is not just something used by corporate businesses. Lots of people now make a full time living on the internet utilising a number of business models such as these are…

It’s actually never been easier to get started within an online based business and make a full time income on the internet replacing your job or increasing your current business on autopilot allowing you to have theflexible lifestyle that appeals to a lot of us.

Working directly with us will help put you on the fast track to online success, Plus much more including membership websites, mobile marketing and much more………


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